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Bakersfield, California has a very low crime index which means that it is not as safe in this area compared to other cities in California. This also means that there is a higher possibility of crimes happening here. Where there are crimes, there are also arrested suspects for the crimes. When someone close to you gets arrested, the initial reaction is fear and worry about how they will survive in jail. You also think of ways to help your loved one get out of jail as soon as possible.


When someone gets arrested for a crime, the court will have a bail order for the accused. The amount depends on the depth of the offense allegedly committed by the accused. If the accused can afford the cost of the bail, there will be no problems for the release of the said accused. He or she will just need to attend the scheduled court hearings until the court decides on the case.


However, if your loved one cannot afford the bail in the first place, will they be staying in jail for a longer time? Can they endure staying there and can you endure seeing your loved one suffer behind bars? Well, worry no more because we are the solution to your problem!


Our company is a bail bonds firm. We employ only licensed bail bondsmen who undergo further training to deliver excellent services to our clients. They are trained to handle different situations and issues of each client and will also give you service with a smile. They are efficient, smart and friendly. They will walk you through the process of bail bonds and will make you understand the next steps. 


Once you have received the bail announcement from the court, give us a call for an initial consultation. We will be asking you a few questions related to the accused individual so that we can address their bail bond and other concerns accordingly. After the call, we will schedule you for a meeting with our licensed bail bondsman to agree with the terms and conditions of the bail bond. We will charge you with a service fee of 10% of the actual bail amount. This rate is ordered by the California law.


Aside from the individual accused and the bail bondsman, and indemnitor or a co-signor is also needed to pay the bail amount if the defendant misses a court hearing. After the agreement has been signed and the fee has been paid, your bail bondsman will post bail to the court and the accused can be released from jail. It is expected from the individual accused to attend to all scheduled court hearings. If it is necessary, a collateral will be required from the individual accused for him or her to appear in court. It is also the responsibility of the co-signor to make the accused individual appear in court. Missing a hearing will only make things worse for the accused. 


Our company along with our trustworthy, licensed bail bondsmen is always available to serve you seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Call us and we will walk you through the whole process of bail bonds and will assist you in every way we can.


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